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IR Filter On Phone

 Using Your Infrared Cell Phone Camera

Some cell phone cameras are more sensitive to infrared light than others. In most cases camera that work well in low lighting tend to be more sensitive to infrared light.


We offers two different types if infrared filters a 750nm and a 800nm filter. Each filter has their pros and cons.


blue shirt
IR Photo Shirt

Best Conditions For Penetrating Clothes

1) Fabrics that have no cotton. Material like polyester, nylon, rayon, and silk work well.


2) Colored fabrics works well. Fabrics that have colorful patterns or are red, blue, green or black are great. However, white or light yellow doesn’t work because they tend to reflect the IR Light.


3) Large amount of infrared light is required. Sun light contains an incredible amounts of infrared light. A bright incandescent bulbs (standard light bulb) with a reflector works well. However, fluorescent bulbs do not work at all.


4) A single thin layer of fabric.


5) It Works extremely well if the fabric is wet and synthetic. An example would be a tan through swimsuit.  

750nm Filter


The 750nm filter is not as deep in the infrared light spectrum as the 800nm. It is close to the visible red light part of the spectrum. Thus, when taking photos, the images will have a light red tint. This filter is ideal for cell phone cameras that are not very sensitive to the IR spectrum.  For these phones images will appear brighter and clearer as compared to the 800nm filter which in this case would appear dark and grainy.


This filter being closer to the visible light spectrum has the advantage of requiring less light and will work in most case in over cast skies. 

800nm Filter


The 800nm filter is deeper into the infrared light spectrum.  This provides better penetration of objects. Cell phone cameras that have good IR sensitivity are ideal for this filter. In most cases for the filter to work well the object that is being photographed needs to be in direct sun light. Most of the photos on the website were shot with the 800nm filter to provide maximum penetration.

photo of dry pants
IR Photo car in fabric
IR Car in wet cloth
IR Photo

Below are examples how water helps improve IR penetration. Below is a 2 layer thick nylon cloth. After wetting the fabric the toy car underneath can be seen.


 Dry Fabric =>

 Wet Fabric =>


dark shirt girl
girl infrared filter camera

 Below is an example of how infrared light is able to go through a dark fabric.

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