Install Filter



peel tape IR Filter
infrared filter installed

 How To Install The Infrared Filter

Step 1. Clean the surface of the cell phone where the filter will be place. Use a window cleaner or alcohol to clean the surface.


Step 2. Slide the filter halfway out of the filter holder. 

Step 4 Place filter infront of lens and press.

Step 3. Remove the non-stick paper from filter.

Testing The Filter and Cell Phone Camera

Green Tree
Infrared Photo of Tree

 The easiest way to test the filter is to go outside and look at the trees with your infrared camera. If the filter is correctly installed, deep green trees and grass will appear translucent white instead of green. Infrared light penetrates the green surface of the foliage and will cause it to become transparent white.This is one quick way to know the filter is working.


The cell phone cameras require a great deal of IR light for it to work. Outdoors the sun will provide plenty of IR light. For indoors, a bright adjustable desk lamp with a reflector is recommended.

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