Ideal Creation’s powerful IR Filter will allow an older model cell phones to to see though thin fabrics such as blouses, pants, or swim suits.


Older cell phones are able to see infrared light. Our special filter will boosts these phones IR ability over 10,000%. Thus, turning your older phone into a powerful infrared camera!  

Turn Your Old Cell Phone Into An X-Ray Vision Camera

infrared filter xray cell phone

 Most dyes used in coloring clothes are transparent to infrared light. Thus, if your camera can only see infrared light, clothes using these dyes will be transparent to IR light.


Simply install our special IR filter onto your cell phone camera and you will be able to see though clothes.


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IR Filter Girl

A large amount of infrared light is required for the filter to work well. Sun light is an ideal source for this light. The infrared light from the sun is able to penetrate thin synthetic fabrics and reflect back to the IR cell phone camera.


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Which Cell Phones  Will Work With Our Filter

The IR Filter has a retractable slide that allows you to quickly engage or disengage the filter. To engage the filter simply push on the lower area of the filter and it will slide forward.


To disengage the filter push on the top of the filter and it will slide into its protective cover. 

IR Filter On Phone

The Selling price    Only $24.95

 Today all the new cell phone cameras have an IR block filter built in which keeps it from seeing infrared light. However, almost all cells phones cameras before 2011 can see infrared light. For example, the Iphones 4 and anything older works well. Iphone 4s and newer will not work.


Android smart phones that were made before 2012 are able to see infrared light. There were also a few that were manufactured in 2013 that will work.

Photo Drawing Sun

Harnessing The Sun

Unbelievable But True ! 

Below is a short video clip showing the effects of our IR Filter! Hidden behind the shirt is an magazine. Note how the shirt becomes transparent as the filter is slowly moved into front of the lens. 

IR Filter See through shirt

By The Pool Cell Phone Photos 

Retractable Filiter 

IR Photo
Infrared photo 2
ir photos Taken
infrared filter installed

See Through Skin 

Note: Older flip phone manufacture before 2013 are IR Sensitive

Persons leg
leg veins

Under intense light you can see through the top layer of your skin

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As Seen at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show)

In Las Vegas (PC Mag Review)        At Ideal Creations Booth

 The IR cell phone was demonstrated at the CES show. Customers were allowed to test their phone on a poster (petro based paint) which was colored in with a black marker (dye based).  The second test was a poster of a girl wearing an actual dress. At the show we allowed the customers to test the 750nm and 800nm filters.


    Over 30 thousand filters have been sold since the show.

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